Adina and Yitzchak Tzedaka

We are of Syrian origin. We had a brother kidnapped who was born on December 25, 1954, who was six months old and was hospitalized because of a fever. He was hospitalized in the Rothschild hospital in Haifa. When my parents went home at night, they were told the next day that my brother had died and had been buried. My parents asked to see the grave, they avoided them every time and finally gave them a name of place that does not exist. My parents have complained for years but no one listened. There is no paperwork anywhere: as if the earth had swallowed him. It was my mother’s will before she died that we continue to look for him. We sincerely wish that the fight will succeed and finally we will be able to get the answers for which we have been waiting for 60 years.

Rivka Tzedaka Hefer