David and Chana Kochavi

My sister Pnina, daughter of Davcha Kochavi, was born in 1956. When she was a month and a half she caught pneumonia and was hospitalized at Djani Hospital in Jaffa. My father worked the night shift at Dan Corporation and my mother went home to take care of their little girl who was still home. After work, my father came to the hospital and was told my sister Pnina had died and he was asked to pay for the burial fees. My father asked to see the body but his request was denied, saying there was no need to see her, only to pay. My father went home and my mother arrived at the hospital screaming, crying, and begging that they let her see the baby, but to no avail. Recently, on August 8, 2016, I was at the Interior Ministry to take care of my father's ID card and got my sister's death certificate. My parents didn't talk much about the topic that upset them deeply, and every time the wound was re-opened, they would not agree to cooperate. We have no additional details - the place of burial, time of burial, date of burial, and more. Today we are aware of the issue and would like you to help us.

Tzila Sharabi

My parents didn't talk much about the issue that upset them deeply, as every time it would reopen the wound, and they wouldn't cooperate.