Yisrael and Nadera Hakkak

Testimony taken from Danny Hakkak, Chana’s brother:

My mother went through a lot in her life. It was the birth of her first child. My mother didn’t speak about it. Neither did my father. It was maybe 35 years ago that my mother first ever said something - in the shuq (marketplace) in Netanya, there was a guy who sold Iraqi falafel. She said that the same thing had happened in his family, that there was a daughter and somehow they located her in the United States. And maybe that it could happen for us too.

However much I know is what I heard from my aunts and uncles - my mother’s siblings.

It was in 1954 or 1955. One day, the little girl wasn’t feeling well. They took her to Hillel Yaffe (Medical Center in Hadera). The people at the hospital sent my parents home, and when my parents came back the next day - they were told what happened.

“There's no girl? What do you mean, there's no girl?”

“She’s dead.”

“Where did you bury her?”

No answer.

A young couple, in their twenties, they didn’t know. They went home. With no proper proof.

My whole life I wanted a sister.