Zohara and Salam Hassan Ben Shalom

My parents and Zohara and Salem Hassan married in Yemen and immigrated to Israel in 1949. They arrived at Bashrawi, which is now called Nahlat Yehuda. Their names in Israel were Sarah and Shalom. Unfortunately they have passed away and talked about it.

I, Yemima, am the eldest child, and Leah was born after me, on March 19, 1951 (on the 11th day of Adar Bet, 5711). She was born at Assaf Harofeh Hospital.

The date on the death certificate is August 13, 1951 (the 13th day of Av, 5711).

I asked Chevra Kadisha (the Jewish burial society) to locate the grave. They looked for two months and told me that no such grave exists.

I myself was small and do not remember the whole story. After Leah three more siblings were born. My mother unfortunately passed away at the age of 35 and sadly I do not even have a photo of her.

Yemima Ben Shalom