Rivka and Yehezkel Kraus

Testimony of Yehuda Kraus:

My parents immigrated to Israel in 1949 and settled in the Midgal neighborhood in the old city of Ashkelon. They were new immigrants when my pregnant mother was transported to Rehovot Maternity Hospital in a neighbor’s truck. My mother was hospitalized on November 5, 1949 and gave birth to a baby girl on the following day – November 6, 1949. The nurses showed my mother the baby girl, chatting with her in German and commenting on the girl's beauty. On the following day, they informed her that her daughter had died. My parents were probably too insecure and fearful to question the staff's announcement, so they accepted it sadly with understanding. Whether or not they asked to see the body and were refused is unclear.

In a file I found in 2016, the documentation includes no registration of the girl's death. This fact reinforces the family’s concern that something was amiss, a concern they were burdened with throughout the years.

Link to the documentation archive of Rehovot Maternity Hospital – Rivka Kraus is listed on page 32 (Hebrew):