According to her testimony to Yosef Yosefov, the committee’s investigator, she attended the WIZO Em VaYeled nursing school in Tel Aviv, and spent a year apprenticing there between the years 1952-1953.

There were infants up to age two or three at that institution, babies up to the age of one were treated at the institution on King George Street, while the older ones were treated at the nursery in Sarona, where the Kirya is today. According to her, she knew that children were being given up for adoption. She and her friend knew that children were being given up for adoption from within the institution. According to her, it was a clandestine operation—they themselves weren’t allowed to know where children were coming from.

According to her, they were not told that children were given up for adoption. Rather, they concluded that by themselves, though no one shared with them what actually was going on. “We would see the adoptive parents but WIZO didn’t tell us the children were being adopted. We figured out that they were being adopted. There were Yemenite children but they didn’t inform us of their fate.”

The witness was summoned to testify (investigator Yosefov’s report is attached). The testimony’s transcript is not accessible through the archives.