The Amram association calls on families and adoptees/abductees to perform DNA tests through the international database FTDNA, privately and safely, using recognized and experienced international companies only: :

  • The iGENEA company is one of the leading companies in Europe and the USA for DNA tests. The test helps locate relatives, regardless of the type of family relationship. This is an international database that will include test results of families and adoptees looking for their families, which will enable matching between them.

    The database is private and is not accessible to any establishment, authorities, or external organizations.

    The subjects have full control over the test results and whether and how they want to use the data bank. Tests can be ordered at the following link: -

    For inquiries, you can also contact Karo at 972-52-666-7226.

    The saliva samples must be sent together with the results analysis agreement. For the analysis and the formulation of the experts' opinions, approximately six to eight weeks are required from when the samples are received.

    Along the way, you will receive support and explanations from an expert in genealogical tests. iGenea's customer service will happily answer questions by email or phone.

    · The test can also be done directly with the FTDNA database at a lower cost, without support (that is, without the ability to receive assistance from the company in contacting other test subjects).

    *** In addition, it is possible to check the option of performing similar tests through other companies (such as 23andme) and to transfer the test results to make matches through additional databases. Please check with each company separately.***

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