Zohara and Yosef Avraham

Testimony about my sister Malka Avraham who was taken to Rambam Hospital, and from there disappeared.

The name of the missing sister: Malka Avraham

Parents: Zohara and Yosef Avraham

Immigration year - 1948- to Ein Shemer, (to Shosha transit camp near Ein Hashofet), and from there they got to Moshav Midrach Oz.

The age of the child at the time of the kidnapping, Malka was 3 years old

Siblings at the time of the kidnapping: three siblings Avram 9, Isaiah 5, Yael 11 months old.

Year of kidnapping: 1954-55

After they immigrated to Israel from Yemen, the family arrived from the Ein Shemer immigrant camp to Moshav Midrach Oz. They took Malka who was three years old and was sick with strep throat and a temperature of about 38 degrees celsius (100F).

The nurse in the Moshav did not have a doctor in the Moshav every day, and the nurse said to take the girl to Kibbutz Mishmar Haemek where there is always a doctor.

In the clinic of Mishmar Haemek worked Dr. Weiss. I'm pretty sure he sent Malka to Rambam hospital.

Father took her there with my brother Avram who was 9 years old. They left by horse and carriage to the clinic in Mishmar Haemek where they were told that she had to be taken to the hospital.

She was taken by ambulance to Rambam hospital. Then they informed us that Malka passed away. Avram, the brother, came back and asked father when is Malka coming home and is she going to get better?

Dad answered she is not coming back.

I was a baby, my mother had just given birth, they said father seemed restrained and indifferent, mother took it very hard. She fell ill soon after Malka was taken, she just did not accept it and constantly told my sister, “watch over Yael for me so she doesn’t disappear.”

I am told Malka looks like me and that she was so intelligent and mature for her age, out of this world.

When I was born my mother was already ill, I was eleven months old when she died of grief, it was in 1955.

Dad remarried, circumstances forced us to leave the house, I went to an orphanage in Jerusalem, we lacked for nothing but nobody came.

I did not see Avram for 8 years, he came to visit after he joined the army and then Isaiah came too. Avraham grew up in Kibbutz Beit Oren, my brother Isaiah was in an orphanage-like Yeshiva in Jerusalem.

Malka has no grave or anything, but later a draft notice came for her.

Ten years ago, after father passed away, I went to the Interior Ministry to request a death certificate.

I asked to get Malka’s death certificate, the clerk said that Malka does not have a grave. I told her it was possible that she is one of the kidnapped Yemeni children.

The clerk panicked, seemed as though she volunteered a classified piece of information, she said to go to the State Archives and that within two weeks we would get answers.

The next day already the clerk called and announced that the death certificate is ready. I asked how is it possible that it is ready, if yesterday she said it does not exist at all? After all, I was told to go to the Archives and wait for two weeks. The matter seemed odd to me.

We did not go to the committees.

Draft orders arrived.

There is no mention of a place of burial.

After the death notification they did not receive a death certificate.

Yael Avraham

Mother took it very hard. She fell ill soon after Malka was taken, she just did not accept it and constantly told my sister, “watch over Yael for me so she doesn’t disappear.”